The first automotive approved system in the LiteFoot family. Approved for 4x4 Sub-compact and Compact SUVs and Trucks with GVWs under 5,025 lbs. Features Mattracks exclusive offset rocker suspension and patented rubber torsion anti-torque system

  • Exclusive Offset Rocker Suspension
  • Rubber Coated UHMW Wheels
  • Three Piece HD Steel Sprocket
  • 15" Wide Track
  • 5,025 G.V.W.R. [2,284 kg]
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Exclusive Anti-Torque System

Rubber Torsion

Frame Construction


Assembly Weight

1,180 lbs. @ 295 ea. (536 kg @ 134 kg ea.)

Type of Vehicle**

Sub-compact, Compact, 4x4 Truck or SUV

Recommended Max Gross Wt.

5,025 lbs. (2,284 kg)

Track Tread Width

15 in. (381 mm)

Tread Style

All-Terrain, Self-Cleaning

Track Material

Rubber with Internal Composite Cord

Recommended Operating Temperature

(Ambient) -40F° to +130F° (-40C to +55C)

Overall Width Increase From Standard

Depends on vehicle

Increase Ground Clearance*

1-1/2 in. to 6 in. (40 mm to 150 mm)

Repositions Vehicle Axle Center Height To

20 in. (508 mm)

Lowers Center of Gravity*

1-1/2 in. to 2-1/2 in. (40 mm to 60 mm)

Ground Contact Length (approx.)

(Hard Surface) - 30.8 in. (782 mm)

(Soft Surface) - 45 in. max. (1,143 mm)

Ground Contact Surface Area (approx.)

1,848 sq. in. min. (11,922 sq. cm min.)

2,700 sq. in. max. (17,419 sq. cm max.)

Ground Pressure*

0.7 to 2.4 psi (4.8 to 16.5 kPa)

Sprocket Diameter

16.5 in. (419 mm)


1/3 Increase on Vehicle

Wheels (Double Sealed Bearing)

(4) 1.5" x 8" and (4) 1.5" x 12" HD Extra Seals

(8/corner, 2 rows)

Wheel Material

UHMW & Rubber


Gray - Standard

E-Coat Corrosion Resistance - Optional


Recommended Max. Speed**

40 mph (64 km/h)

Turning Radius

Same as original vehicle

Approach Angle*

Up to 90°

Departure Angle*

Up to 80°

Grade Capacity*


Side Slope Capacity (Roll Over)*


Maximum Operating Side Slope (Grade)*



All Terrain Including Hard Surface at GVW

Maximum Distance Off Road


Maximum Distance Hard Surface**

At Below 80°F (26°C): Indefinite

At Above 80°F (26°C)

15 Miles at 40 mph

*Depending on vehicle, cargo, and accessories | **For maximum tread life | ***Some vehicles may require slight alterations